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BizTalk Server Consulting

Microsoft BizTalk Server is a powerful middleware that can be used to solve a lot of different problems in a reasonable amount of time. The area of application includes migration of data and systems (even IBM mainframes), classic middleware applications like b2b and even more unusual things like financial applications (SEPA, Swift etc). Over the years it has become a really mature and high-performance piece of software. I'm doing consulting in the following areas.

Evaluation, Design and Implementation

I gladly support you in evaluating if BizTalk Server is the right choice, as well as designing and implement a possible sultion. This also includes choosing the right platform (database and application servers, possible clustering etc.) and selecting the needed licenses. The design not only includes defining schemas, orchestration (workflows) and mappings, but also backup strategies and monitoring, if needed.

Administration and Maintenance

Administration and maintenance for keeping the environment up and running. It can also include making changes to existing solutions and deploying them.