Talend ETL Consulting

The French company Talend is striving to become one of the big players in the ETL market. The software is powerful and flexible, and one of its strengths is not only the amount of components that are provided for every conceivable task (overview over components available out of the box), but also its open source nature. The latter part is what makes the library of components so comprehensive — whether it be the support of all important databases (all major players, including SAS, Greenplum, Firebird, Ingres, SQLite and many, many more), support for nearly every ERP system, health care (HL7), UN/EDIFACT or some more fancy ones like Twitter access. There exists quite the ecosystem for open source components, written by the community.

Talend has an open core business model which means, that the core product is open source and licensed under the GPL, but a commercial version with advanced features exist. These include a centralized repository, execution servers, centralized project control and much more.

Job Development

I have two years of experience in working with Talend Open Studio and Talend Integration Suite. This includes developing ETL jobs for Oracle, DB2 z/OS, SQL Server and mySQL. I've also worked extensively with IBM Mainframe EBCDIC flat files written by Cobol programs.

Component Development

I can support in developing custom components, whether it be enhancements on existing components, or developing new ones for special requirements.

Evaluating Talend Integration Suite

Evaluating if a switch from the open source version to the commercial one is reasonable — does it make sense to invest a substantial amount of money to gain productivity in your team?